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May 2020


Firstly I hope all are well & enjoying some sunshine.

I have come to a decision I will explain, prior to Lockdown Ben (the Saturday Lad) & I had been discussing stopping all food stuff (not chocolate & tea etc) & I had made the decision to cease all food stuff & think about the direction we wanted to go in, we are classed as a micro business (not even small) at the beginning of lockdown we had a huge increase in orders, extra food stock was sought, lots we had not stocked before now sales have slowed down as quickly as they increased, we have some food stock left but will not be replacing it & are going back to our original decision, we are pleased we were able to supply some of those in need, but the costs of delivering has not come down for us as the volume of parcels has dropped, we were banking on it evening out a little better than it has.

We are going to concentrate on other areas of a sustainable & environmental lifestyle.

This will also enable me to have my home back & my health, not being able to except help has taken it’s toll on my immune system & it is a little low, nothing to worry about but I do need to find the right, health, business, life balance, as without my health there is no business.

With this in mind I would like to encourage you all to purchase some items, we still have a wide range to choose from, you may discover something you didn’t know was available before & I could do with a hand getting my home back, the business normally has one room of use, it is now in the hallway the living room & the porch.

I will be a little quiet over social media the next coming weeks whilst I rearrange & organize what is happening next, I will be still sending out orders, I will not be getting any new stock in over this time.

I do hope all are discovering new talents & hobbies during this trying time & stay well.

Thank you Amy.