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Having closed the shop at the Crispin Centre in Street last October (2023) we are now in the United Reform Church on a Thursday 9-12 selling off the last of the food stock.

Once a month we are with the repair cafe in Street at the Quakers meeting house with the refills, helping to reduce plastic, lots of items are repaired here and there is lovely tea & cake, come and have a visit, the people who are volunteering their time to mend items are quite clever and willing to teach you.

We are packing English wildflower seeds for a company in 100% recycled packaging, is there something we could do for you? They created the design for the labels and we do the rest, a reasonable price is charged for the service.

Recycled cards we are continuing to make, we have created more designs and packs of greeting cards, we will put these on the website and we are going to sell them locally in other shops, handmade since 2005
we are the original Eco-Friendly Cards.

Keep an eye out for more upcycled items, Amy is increasing the range of original recycled silver jewellery, something you have in mind? why not ask we can always have a go.

Amy is offering businesses councils and individuals consultation on reducing your carbon footprint, towards decarbonisation and sustainability please inquire if interested, price depends on what is required & the time given.