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Our story

ECO-FRIENDLY SHOP™ Is for people who care for themselves and the earth. All things in store are organic, recycled, up-cycled, fair-trade, and environmentally friendly with some local handmade arts and craft.

Everything we sell has been tried and tested by a trusted friend or ourselves..  

We started in 2003 as my interest in Environmental Issue & Fairtrade grew, I was selling at the local indoor market once a week, whilst I was recovering from a prolonged housebound period due to ill health.

There was a small catalogue 2004-2010 distributed locally & the first website for delivery within Somerset, Dorset, Bristol & Bath was launched in 2006, all whilst doing a market 1 day a week & working from home as my health slowly improved.

Had a shop in Glastonbury between 2007-2012 with the help of friends & staff, there was a small café Eco Friendly Bites at the Avalon Marshes Centre 2009-2017 this was in the hope of having the shop here & a small Environmental centre, but it was not to be as my health became worse closing was the only option.

Re-launched the much improved  Eco Friendly Shop™ website in 2018 whilst recovering from operations, bad timing but life doesn't always play out the way you wish.

Registered as a Community Interest Company in 2021 in the hope I will be able to make a better difference in my local community & further afield with the assistance from other local CIC's.

We have been based in Somerset this whole time, we have never sold on any other websites & we are not on Amazon for ethical reasons.  We are the only Eco Friendly Shop™ we aim to be honest about what we do, what we care about, what we feel are important issues & when we make mistakes,

Follow us on Twitter @ecofshop, Instagram @ecofshop & Facebook Eco Friendly Shop for information on products, lifestyle choices & the environment, join in the conversation.    

“It doesn’t cost the earth to change your way of life.”

“Shop here for a chemical free, enriched organic experience, where quality means equality, want to try and shorten your ecological footprint  start today to shop the right way....”

The average person requires 4.5 acres to sustain their un-ecological life-style, lets all make that a little smaller.  

Our Logo

Organic is proven better for farmers and producers, better for wildlife, better for health. The more organic is demanded the more biodiversity and environmental benefits are increased.

 Fairtrade is about helping implement socio-economic equality for poorer peoples and places & is an alternative approach to conventional international trade it aims at sustainable development for excluded and disadvantaged producers & campaigns to highlight the unequal system of world trade, which places profit over human rights and threatens our environment.

The fair trade Fashion and Gifts sourced are all from companies who are a member of BAFTS ( British Association of Fair Trade Shops)

Local to buy local is to support your environment and your local economy, by reducing the travelling distance required by food & products, you reduce the amount of carbon omitted, this leads to the reduction in food miles, your environmental footprint & Climate change.

All handmade garments will vary if only slightly in pattern and dye due to each item being lovingly hand made, there are slight variations within the sizes and as such these follow an approximate size as stated.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) - Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) , SLS is perhaps the most harmful ingredient in personal care products. SLS is used in testing labs as the standard ingredient to irritate skin. Industrial uses of SLS include garage floor cleaners, engine degreasers, and car wash shampoos just to name a few.

Which is why you won't find it here.     

Palm Oil is a growing concern, I attended a GRASP conference in Bristol in 2005 which highlighted the issues with Palm Oil & the speed of growth, then it wasn't in nearly all products.

It seems since then it has grown in use, we aim to sell no Palm Oil products, however the Palm Oil that is in the products we sell, is from a RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) source, we do not need new plantations, more habitat destruction, I believe we do need to support the plantations which work with wildlife & have been around for in some cases over 100 years..

We sell no products which have been tested on animals, if an item is made from or has leather or wool this will be stated all else will be suitable for Vegans.