Eco Friendly Cards

Handmade & Printed cards all made by Amy Lawson, Eco Friendly Cards was created in 2003, we have been making handmade cards for all Occasions since.

We had a website that ran alongside Eco Friendly Shop for some years, we lost this domain whilst Amy was very ill, we have since regained the domain but have decided to sell exclusively to Eco Friendly Shop.

We use 80-100% post consumer waste card & paper from a UK company. Any motifs or scripts used which are not of a recycled or natural source have been bought from people whom have been giving up card making, closing stores or we were gifted them. The plastic poly pockets we use are still from the original stock purchased. All stock purchased since 2010 has been of a compostable corn starch from a non food source. The printed cards we have are on 100% pcw (post consumer waste) card, with a dry ink process used, saving water in printing. .

Here is the only place you can purchase Eco Friendly Cards.