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Groceries & Everyday

Here are your store cupboard essentials, Plant milks, Baking Goods, Zaytoun dates & oils, Chocolate, plenty of Goodies to share.

We do not have the capacity or space at the moment to do plastic free, on food item essentials we do offer larger bags to cut down on the plastic, we have spoken to our suppliers & when we can buy in the quantity which is required , they will be able to supply these goods in paper or hessian sacks & we will weigh them out into paper bags or reusable cloth produce bags, at the moment the quantity we order will not allow this.

Lots of products come in glass or Aluminum & is easily reused or recycled.

Some products can be bought in larger amounts & decanted into something smaller.

All Organic or Fairtrade.

Bulk quantities qualify for a discount see individual products, want a larger quantity please email or call & we will do our best to help.

Want to recycle your packaging but your area doesn't do this, send it back to us & we will do it for you. We have always offered this service.