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Radar Key - A Disabled Access Key.

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The R.A.D.A.R Key Company have manufactured the vast majority of all the genuine, approved Radar NKS keys that have ever been made. A disabled Access Key.

The coloured ones are inferior, imported Chinese keys.

The R.A.D.A.R Key Company original, steel keys (which will still work all the locks) have been phased out.

The new, solid brass, Gold Standard keys are manufactured by the R.A.D.A.R Key Company in Britain.

What is not confusing is that the R.A.D.A.R Key Company keys have always been and remain, easiest to use and the most reliable, due to better design and far better manufacturing.

Important extra, computerised machining operations, including specific rounding, to the FULL lock manufacturer's specification.

Unique handle with raised edges for extra grip.

Tighter tolerances and the most reliable, consistent keys to ensure operation of ALL the 10000+ high security, 6 lever Radar locks.

Every single key tested on 2 different Radar locks by a British master locksmith, instead of Chinese quality control.

Two keyring holes to allow the user to individually tailor the extra leverage and grip available from their other keys.

Small headed key for able fingered people.

Large headed key is the widest one made, with extra width nearer the shaft (for extra grip and leverage exactly where your thumb rests).

Octagonal shaft for easy identification by feel.

No sharp weld flash to cut fingers or obstruct insertion into lock.

One piece – no potentially weak points.

Fully rounded nose to aid easy insertion into lock.

In Summary! Our keys work all the locks, more easily and normally more cheaply.

Who can buy a RADAR key?

Qualification is by self certification.

You must have a mental or physical disability which is helped by using the key to access the specialist features available in accessible or Changing Places toilets plus countryside walks/ accessible routes within buildings.

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